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February 1, 2023
Roosevelt Custom Piece

So, I’ve returned to college after 20 years of being out, and it’s taking me a lot to do math again. Well, Mary emailed me the finish of Roosevelt which I’ve been anticipating for a long while, she’s a brilliant stitcher like so many of you all. I think I scanned Roosevelt and then did […]

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December 22, 2022
Carol Scallion Custom Cat with Golden Eyes

I really don’t have much as far as referrals and testimonials. I been trying to figure out how to do them here lately. I’m not eligible for most things Google for collecting testimonials because I don’t want to hand out my home address and I also really don’t sell much local. I don’t need found […]

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December 8, 2022
Gail Jones Bear

This one was fun to work on from my end. It’s always fun to go animals, but lions, tigers, and bears are favorites for sure. This brilliant stitching was a custom piece created for Gail Jones and stitched by her. She was so brave too and stitched it on dark fabric. I just love this. […]

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December 8, 2022
Spooner Finished

Well, these are heirloom pieces so take a long time to complete, but we have one done and several more close. Patricia Rideout stitched this lovely piece. You can purchase this chart.

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December 3, 2022
Custom Piece by Joyce Eldredge

Here is one that we made rough around the edges. It’s on the smaller size as well. What do you think? This is the amazing stitching of Joyce Eldredge.

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October 20, 2022
Special Daughter Project

Here is one of the more special projects that I have had any part of and it couldn’t have turned out better. This is the brilliant stitching of Linda Barry and this is an image of her daughter.

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October 3, 2022
Rebecca Laurin Custom Dogs Stitch Completion

Well, here is another amazing piece finished. This one is by Rebecca Laurin, just look at the smile. That basically says it all for me.

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August 1, 2022
Blue Unicorn by Karen Nazarewych

I love this chart. I created this chart for me and it’s hanging downstairs in my daughter’s room as one of her prized possessions. It was a hard decision for me to even offer it up for sale because it is kind of a personal chart. I decided others should enjoy it though, so here […]

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June 14, 2022
Man and Dog Sleeping by Susan Schober

Here is an amazing finish and fast. This is a chart that I did for Susan in October. It’s not huge that was one of her criteria, which also made charting it complicated to create. I had to work hard to not make this man look pink (He has really quite pink skin tone.) while […]

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June 9, 2022
Maria Felix Custom Completion

Wow! Another project done. This is the stitching of Maria Felix. She wanted the headdress flowers accented with colors and the rest of image without colors. This is a fairly small piece too, so a lot of details in a small area. (These are the most difficult pieces to chart.) It turned out amazing.

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June 6, 2022
Child’s Artwork Completed

Here is a cross stitch that Diane Brideau Laughlin completed for her grand-daughter Mia.  Mia is the artist; she was 5 years old when she drew that picture.  Diane wanted to eternalize her drawing on a cross stitch. Diane is a brilliant and fast stitcher. I worked on this chart in September and here is […]

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May 26, 2022
Artwork Stitched by Carol Scallion

Here is an amazing piece and Carol is a super stitcher. She put 294 hours and 4 minutes into this piece. Woah… This is the artwork of Jim Kreutz that was charted with permission, of course. The sunset was a dusk, so the charting was really hard to get it right. I actually lightened the […]

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May 3, 2022
Chicago Landmark Custom Chart Completion

Well, yesterday I showed you Alyson Evans first project that I charted for her. This is Chicago which she also visited. This one was much harder to work on for me. I remember the editing and frustration with the red train car. It was a good frustrated though. I think it turned out pretty great […]

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May 2, 2022
Pittsburg, PA Monument Stitched

Here is the amazing completion stitched by Alyson Evans. She took this image herself, so it’s like a triple project for her. She got to travel, photograph, stitch… amazing right! Alyson sent me 2 completions though, so you are seeing this one which she completed May 2020. Tomorrow, I’ll share another one.

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April 18, 2022
Stella – Renee Sholly

This is a 4th finish for Renee of custom charts created here. Wow… huh! This is Stella and she turned out beautifully.

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April 9, 2022
2 Dogs / 1 Chart by Kim Schorr

There is another finish today… and it’s amazing. Kim has been working on this project for a long time now and it turned out just perfect. I did this chart a few different ways, she liked the bottom dog and sent me a new image for the top dog, so I switched out. It turned […]

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April 9, 2022
Karen Hopkins Completed Dog

Black dogs can be harder to chart than most other colors, well black and white. Here is how the beautiful dog of Karen Hopkins came out. I have to tell you I’m so very far behind that sometimes my emails get dropped into I’ll come back to that category. Karen told me about this completion […]

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March 17, 2022
Karen Nazarewych History

I’m just going to use Karen’s words for this one. I’m using her words from September here when she sent in this sort of hard to work with image. (Honestly when I saw it, I panicked for a moment because I didn’t want to mess this one up. Some of the pictures I get the […]

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March 17, 2022
Tucker Stitched, Gifted, and Hung on the Perfect Wall

This is Debbie McCartney, the proud stitcher of Tucker. Oh, he’s so pretty. She just did a brilliant job with him. I just loved working on the eyes of this piece from the image the eyes just draw you right in and I hope you can get that from the stitching too. She didn’t keep […]

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February 16, 2022
Street Art Custom Charted

Sometimes I get to witness stitching as it comes along and other times, I get random surprises from pieces being completed. Anyways… today is one that came as complete surprise to my inbox, and I’m overjoyed to share it with you. This image is artwork taken at night, the original image was quite dark and […]

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January 31, 2022
Chat Cola – Custom stitching by Roland Brideau

One of the things about some of my best charts is they look fairly simple looking at the finished project. However, they really weren’t that simple. This one Chat Cola, might just be that. When I responded to getting the new image. I said how great it looked and I wasn’t lying. I love seeing […]

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January 6, 2022
Grandparents by Erika Mason

There is something really great about charting old images especially old couples. Grandparents are just so sweet looking to me. The fashion of the day way people was posed. It’s great. Erika Mason has returned with this finish. This is her 2nd finish for Advanced Cross Stitch and she is starting another one. Woo Hoo.

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December 30, 2021
Wild Goat by Gail Jones

This is incredible. It was one of my favorite charts ever, because it’s wild. Wild animals are always a favorite of mine but add that it was a client image taken on a vacation. This is a memory for Gail. That’s an added bonus for me too. It’s been a complete joy to see this […]

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November 30, 2021
Madonna / Baby Jesus Classic Art and Custom Chart

Here, I’m just going to share the email that brought this finish to me. Hi, Jennifer, I wanted to send a photo of the completed project. It took Aunt Jean 13 months to complete, the longest of any other project she’s ever done. She says, “It was truly a labor of love and it is the […]

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November 20, 2021
Wilma Dayrit Custom Chart

Here we go… it’s finish day. Wilma Dayrit has finished this custom chart. It’s her daughter coming in from a flight at the airport. You can’t really tell that from image, but the image was very light hearted and so much love being on display. It was important to Wilma that we get her whole […]

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November 4, 2021
Black and White Family Completed by Fien Rijsdijk

Oh my gosh such a dramatic finish to show you today. This is a chart that I created April 2020, so this brilliant piece was done in less than 2 years. I have kids and such running around and think that is incredible for an active family. Fien is extremely talented. This is amazing work. […]

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September 19, 2021
Custom Puppy by Jane Gathercole

Jane stitched this beautiful puppy as a gift for her family. What an amazing talent to share. I didn’t know Jane was nervous about this piece at all. She seems confident in what we had done, but here is what she says about stitching this piece. Good morning Jennifer from the UK I hope you […]

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September 8, 2021
Baby Grant by Karen Nazarewych Completion

OK, I’ve been holding back, mostly so I can keep looking at the image in my to-do list this week. However, it’s time… the world needs to see Baby Grant. Karen is such a skilled stitcher, and he turned out just so perfect. Thank you Karen for letting me be a tiny part in this […]

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August 27, 2021
Dog Memorial by Cyndi Scenna

The stitching here is so great. I’m so thrilled that I get to have just a little part in these pieces, this one turned out so great. What a great tribute to a great pet. This is a custom chart, created with limited colors. If you would like to get a chart of something special […]

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August 25, 2021
Eddie Custom Chart by Jamie Jo Butler

Here is a second finish… so look here and you can see the first finish. These are both amazing pieces. Jamie has 3 more to go as well before Christmas, she’s so ambitious with her stitching goals. Here is her nephew Eddie. He’s a vision of perfection even I can’t wait to see whom is […]

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August 14, 2021
Easy Turtle Stitched on Tee Shirt

Here is Easy Turtle stitched on a black tee shirt. The neck was stitched slightly wrong, so it’s not the chart. Two extra rows were added to the stitching making it sort of look funny. The black in the chart was not stitched in this because the shirt is black. Waste canvas was used to […]

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August 6, 2021
Shadow by Renee Sholly


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May 25, 2021
Custom Family Crest – Anne Sheperd

Family crests are one of my favorite types of charts. I know they will be treasured family possessions, so seeing them become stitched is amazing. This is one of those great family crests. This was stitched by Anne Sheperd. If you would like a custom chart. You can get information about submitting your artwork.

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May 3, 2021
War Hog stitched by Jan Sietsema

The war hog artwork by Joe Shawcross. I created this chart in 2014, so it’s been awhile. These projects take a long time to complete. Today though, is the day that we can reveal the stitched version. The amazing stitcher Jan Sietsema was so nervous about starting out. She had never done a project this […]

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April 21, 2021
Niece by Jamie Butler (Custom Chart)

If you read every post in this column, you’ll know that I say the same thing in each one. It’s my favorite day when I get to see a completed project. The posts are months apart, so it’s no joke. Each one happens on my new favorite day. This wonderful stitching is from Jamie Butler. […]

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April 8, 2021
Tractor Chart stitched by Anne Chambers

I say this every time, but it’s so true. Getting a finish from one of my charts makes my day and makes my week, this one is a free chart which made today so special because it’s out of the blue. I don’t know when some of my custom charts will be stitched and finished. […]

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March 18, 2021
Grandson by Samroey Freeman

This isn’t Samroey’s first Advanced Cross Stitch piece. She already finished her beautiful grand daughter. The beauty in this family is overwhelming, don’t you think? Here is her grandson though, and her most recent finish. She’s so brilliant and adds fast to that. This would have taken me twice as long. Maybe it’s because I […]

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March 10, 2021
Grey Cat Stitch by Joyce Eldridge

It’s another day for a finish. This is the lovely grey cat rescued by Joyce. The stitching is so beautiful.

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February 21, 2021
Grain Elevators by Debra Goodwin

There are times I get to make charts that are so personal. This is one of those cases. The original image was quite hard to work with, but it worked out and after 7 edits. This is the results. Debra is a brilliant stitcher and added some silver stitches in the snow at the bottom. […]

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February 1, 2021
Rosemary Reavley – Horse

This is a second chart in this gallery for Rosemary. She’s a very talented and fast stitcher. This brilliant stitching is from a chart I did in November 2019. I changed out the sky to one a little bluer but simplified it as well. We used a limited quantity of colors, trying to focus the […]

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