All patterns are show on site using an 18 count aida assumption, but they can be stitched on any size cloth that you prefer. The images are mock up of actual stitched piece and not the high definition original files.

Our super easy check out ensures that you get your pattern as quickly as possible.

We accept payments through the secure servers at Stripe, Coinbase, and PayPal, so you can rest assured that the security of your money is considered. Our servers never receive any of your information.

You’ll can be working on your project within 10 minutes of purchase, if you have the supplies. After purchase, you will receive automatically upon payment access to download the patterns from the our secure servers with Amazon. Most of our patterns are stored directly as PDF files, while a few of our older ones are still in zip files. (You’ll unzip and there will be a PDF inside and the colored image. I used to not combine them.) There will be a black and white chart as well as a colored chart available. The floss information is available at the end of the chart.

All my patterns will print with minimum 7 stitches showing in an inch. This is considered large print at many other sites, so don’t base your nerves about starting these projects on the fact that it’s 14 pages. You can use the stitch size listed on the site to see the expected size of the pattern. You are going to do fine with these pieces. They were designed with stitchers in mind.

Here is a quick video I made about using the fabric calculator that is at the bottom of every page. You can use this with the stitch dimensions on the page to figure out size on your preferred fabric.

Thank you for shopping with Advanced Cross Stitch.

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