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I will turn the image of your choice into a pattern for you. I have 6 software that I use for conversions and have extensive knowledge of working with images for many uses. I’ve worked on webpages creating optimized images for websites since 2000. Turning your images into patterns that you can stitch would be a pleasure for me.

The process I use to do your conversion differs from just loading your image into the conversion software. I will do many manipulations to your artwork that will allow it to convert more easily. There are many steps. I include 3 edits with a basic conversion, meaning. You’ll get the initial mockup (within 72 hours of submission), you are able to request edits twice on that for the base charge of $15. Most clients later tell me this is a bargain. 

If your charting goes over 3 edits, each edit will be $5.

If you are requesting image changes or complete customizations, I can get you a quote before we begin.

I can also get you floss packs for your custom patterns. I price these customs based on the quantity needed, ask if you would like a quote for this.

Here are a few samples of patterns I’ve created.

This is an American Bulldog sitting in the sun. Wanted smaller size, so did a crop of the face. It also brightened the colors from the original.

American Bulldog Before
American Bulldog Before
American Bulldog Mockup
American Bulldog Mockup
American Bulldog Stitched

Here is a cat image. The original was was cleaned up and flowers were added to match those that were there.

Cat Original
Cat Original
Cat Mockup
Cat Mockup
Custom Chart Finished
Completed Cat

Here is also a link to my completed projects gallery, there are quite a few custom projects in there as well.

I would also like to point out… there are many free online computerized pattern makers. This service isn’t like them. There are many steps your image goes through with my service and I clean up your chart by hand. Those services that spit out a chart instantly do not do this clean up. They are ideally suited for cartoon like images with nice clean lines.

I on the other hand can work with less perfect images and usually create something quite nice. That you’ll love.

This product is a personal service. I take pride in creating amazing custom charts.

You can pay for this service after you are happy with the appearance of the chart created. I encourage you to try this service with no obligation.

Click on this “Get Started Now” image to begin the process.

Get Started Image
Image Conversion Process / File Submission
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