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Leopard Cub


Amoghavarsha is a photographer. He's done photography for the National Geographic and BBC channels. He's won many international awards for his photography.
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Tragic Comedy Cross Stitch Chart

Christopher Chamberlain

Christopher is a painter from Hamilton Ontario.
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Chicodee Farm Cross Stitch Chart Mockup

Deb Harvey

Deb Harvey lives and creates art in Oregon. She credits her seventh grade art teacher for inspiring her passion for art. She remembers being surprised one day to see the teacher had put up a sign in the classroom, "One Woman Art Show, Debbie Carter Artist" with a display of Deb's artwork. It made a lasting, loving impression on Deb. She still has the framed sign in her studio.
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Hedgehog Cross Stitch Chart

Tanya Schuka

Tanya has a great passion for art. She particularly loves drawing characters, vintage pieces and illustrating for children. We've licensed her animal parade pieces here so there will eventually be a whole collection of animals that can be stitched side by side if desired.
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Abstract Circle

Jennifer Lange

Jennifer works mostly in the gaming industry with a spoonful of book covers, and prefers the fantasy/scifi genres - because we know what the so-called real world is like already, so why not expand?

She was one of the first artists here at Advanced Cross Stitch and we love her work.
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Frog Archer

Joe Shawcross

Joe is an illustrator from Manchester, UK. He's got some of the most unique and most detailed images I've ever seen.
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Summer Themed Floral Love Cross Stitch

Junior McLean

Junior is a Bronx, New York artist. He's known here for his amazing abstracts.
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Sophia Shultz

Sophia is the most amazing young artist. She's a student in Cincinnati learning to blend her art with consumer products to make all our lives more interesting.
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Sea Dragon

Susanne van Schalk

Illustrator and comic artist from the Netherlands
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Football Pile Up

Classical Artwork

If you aren't finding what you are looking for consider checking out this classical artwork. There is artwork including many from The Saturday Evening Post.
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