Privacy Policy / AI Policy

Effective: March 5, 2024

This privacy policy details the practices that Advanced Cross Stitch follows in using and protecting all the data and information about clients. This policy serves as an assurance of the protection of the data privacy and the reduction of exposing any sensitive data that may lead to conflicts and lawsuits.

Information We Collect

This policy covers all personal and sensitive information collected about the client including the following.

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Address
  • Financial Details

How We Use and Store Data

Data Privacy

We respect all data privacy and shall only limit data collection to what is necessary for the performance of our services. We guarantee a fair and lawful process in collecting information . We do not collect information of the clients without their consent nor use deception to collect data.

Use of Data

All data is used for purposes of completing a project and record-keeping a.k.a. taxes.

Data Collection and Protection

We are responsible for collecting and protecting client information in compliance with this privacy policy statement, local, state, and federal laws where applicable in Virginia of US.

Data Confidentiality

All client data and information provided is treated as confidential. We shall uphold its confidentiallity by strictly following proper procedures to prevent unauthorized access and theft of such information. The information must be secured with encryption and password with it’s hard copies stored in locked file cabinets only accessible by authorized people. (Advanced Cross Stitch doesn’t keep any hard copies of client data at all.)

Data Access

We shall not disclose any and all confidential information to any unaffiliated third parties unless provided the client’s written consent or compelled by law.


We shall handle any and all claims or complaints regarding data privacy.

How to Contact Us

Advanced Cross Stitch can be emailed at

Our third party processors:

Brevo (has our newsletter contacts, we use maybe twice per year)

Payment processors: Amazon, Stripe, Coinbase or Paypal process your payments. We keep no payment data ever.

Purchase History with Address: we keep your address for tax purposes.

AI Policy

I need to solidify my stance on AI created artwork. I would love your opinion, but here is mine for now. I have considered it long though, so I don’t think I will change substantially.

It seems a few of my competition is starting to chart and offer up AI created artwork as part of their product line. I will NOT be doing that. I support artwork and artists. I will try to maintain my site to offer authentic artwork created by artists and not AI. I will continue to pay the commissions because it’s valid work that I cannot do. Art and artists are both amazing. I will always support that medium.

On the side though, I also realize that AI and AI artwork is not going away. Therefore, I will chart AI created images as custom pieces. This also includes the pieces of AI art charted by my competition because AI art is unable to be copyrighted. It’s all legal as of now.

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