My name is Jennifer Beam and I’m an avid cross stitcher who enjoys doing the “hard” projects. Here is an image of the project that inspired this website.

The projects that take months or a year to complete are my favorites. These are the masterpieces once completed. That is what I would like to offer in patterns here – “Masterpieces”.

I’m fed up with patterns that have the same symbols for multiple threads and symbols that look almost alike, so I started making patterns from artwork and offering it here. I’ve customized this even more through the years. I’ve had a graphic designer specializing in fonts to help me create my own symbol font custom made to fit the needs of my patterns, so you won’t find any symbols that are easily confused with others, and should you find any changes you would like. I’m an email away with the change.


My work experience will help me immensely with this site. I’ve been updating and maintaining websites for commercial clients for years, but creating this site with all the document security was something new to me. I’ve got Amazon S3 account protecting the patterns here from unpaid downloads.

I also have Stripe that will accept credit cards for payments. They are a leader in secure funding. Along with Paypal for payment options, I’m hoping to give clients the easiest transactions possible.

If you receive one of my patterns and you have any issues at all with it. I will fix it for you and for everyone else. I would love to see your project underway as you complete it. I’m always open to tips and advice as well. Cross stitch is one of my passions.

The patterns offered here are all legally gotten and licensed. I pay commission to artists whom work I use. This allows me to have exclusive pattern rights to art and patterns that you won’t legally find anywhere else. I’ve edited them to make the colors appear smooth and made sure the pattern showed up as high quality as possible. Each pattern takes at minimum an hour to create and is a rather extensive process.

Thank you for visiting my site and happy stitching.

Jennifer Beam

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