Red Dragon Skull Cross Stitch Pattern

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The story of this whole website is inspired by the image of this chart. If it weren’t for this image… this website probably wouldn’t exist. Which is why I’m so honored that Anne Stokes has granted me permission to use it here.

Here is how it started. I bought a chart on eBay that I wanted to stitch. The chart came and I started stitching. I quickly realized that the chart had a lot of weird things going on. There were many symbols that all looked so similar that you couldn’t decipher them. There are 4 different versions of X’s and another 4 versions of O’s on it. Then there were the symbols that are just duplicates, I think the software ran out of symbols, so started over using same ones. I had to highlight my color index and decide which color I thought it was.

Well, all this extra work to stitch this pattern. It made me decide that I could start making my own charts. So I started looking into chart software and with my computer experience I quickly got into this. I was then making charts for my friends who stitched. As I did this more and more, I realized that my job was creating websites for companies and what I really wanted to do was make one for myself.

That was the start of this site and it all started because of this image and the terrible chart that I bought to stitch of this.

So, without further explanation… here is Red Dragon Skull. The corrected chart. You will notice that I left the background black like Anne Stokes had originally drawn it. I also left her signature on it as I’m so honored to have her permission to make this chart for you. I believe this chart will be a better result than the one I stitched as well. The details in the eyes turned out wonderful and the colors are more accurate to the original work.

The chart is 300×324 stitches and contains 165 colors.

Red Dragon Skull

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