Stitching Lessons

My name is Jennifer Beam. I am an experienced stitcher with over 30 years experience working with patterns. I started out on plastic canvas as a child, moved up to stamped cross stitch patterns, then counted cross stitch which I’m sort of stuck at. I like really complicated patterns, but also enjoy making some of the less complicated. I thought I would make some tutorials about stitching for you and place them here. I hope these help you become a better stitcher. If you have an questions or ideas that you would like talked to, send me a message on my contact form.

Here are the tutorials that I made. I hope you enjoy them and learn something new.
Pin Stitch – Finish on Aida
Parking Threads
Loop Method
Away Waste Knot
Pin Stitch Start
Which pattern making software is best?


I’m always looking for artwork and pieces that you will enjoy stitching. If you have an image that you would like to stitch, suggest the artwork here and I’ll get you the first chart free of charge.

Product Recommendations

I also frequently get asked about products that I use while stitching. Here is a page that features some of these products for you.

Advanced Cross Stitch Product Recommendations

Email List

We also have an email list that we would love to have you take part in if your are interested. There is more information and sign up on this page.

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