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Advanced Cross Stitch now has a  collection of over 450 cross stitch patterns / charts that are only here. There are many from artists whom have allowed me exclusive use of their artwork. Please take your time and look around. As firm believer in copyright, all images are properly licensed with the original artist given full credit.

If you have any questions, or are looking for something special. Please ask. I would love to hear requests for new pieces and be of assistance any way that I can.

Here are the 30 most recent cross stitch designs.

Epic Cross Stitch Pattern

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Hollie's Green Man Cross Stitch Chart

Siamese Cat Cross Stitch

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Life is Better When Your Laughing is just the coolest quote ever. I think everyone needs this in their lives.

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Oriental Smoking Cross Stitch Chart

Ladybug Cross Stitch Chart

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Blueberry Cross Stitch

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Llama Mascana Cross Stitch Chart

Table by Matisse Cross Stitch Chart

OV1 Mohawk Military Fighter Plane Cross Stitch Chart

Shepardess Cross Stitch Chart

Silly Dog Cross Stitch Chart

70's Threesome Cross Stitch Chart

Guardian Angel Cross Stitch

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Keep Calm Cross Stitch

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