Akbash Dog Cross Stitch Chart

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The Akbash is a large guardian dog breed from Turkey with a white coat that comes in medium and long lengths. The breed closely resembles the more common Great Pyrenees. It features a wedge-shaped head with dark eyes and triangular drop ears. And its long tail often curls up and over the dog’s back. You know all this though if you are finding this chart. This dog is beautiful.

This chart isn’t too big, so it would be ideal for a pillow, purse, bag, or a wall hanging. You could do anything with this one and it shouldn’t be super hard to stitch either.

The chart is 109×153 stitches and contains 48 colors.

akbash mockup
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Kit Components You May Need

Medium Floss Pack Upgrade


DMC Floss Pack

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Large Aida / Cloth Upgrade

Aida Upgrade

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