Carol Scallion Custom Cat with Golden Eyes

I really don’t have much as far as referrals and testimonials. I been trying to figure out how to do them here lately. I’m not eligible for most things Google for collecting testimonials because I don’t want to hand out my home address and I also really don’t sell much local. I don’t need found in my local search and would rather the local needle shop be found. It would be terrible if someone came to my house looking for cross stitch supplies. (Although my closet would probably substitute pretty well for a store.) So, there isn’t a really nice 3rd party option for testimonials or reviews for my business.

Here is what I have though that not many of the other business types do. I have a gallery… this gallery is the most special things in the whole world to me. It’s better than reviews or testimonials really, the folks featured in this gallery got their chart, stitched them and finished it. They then thought of me… after the fact, so these folks are so awesome that when they were done with my product – they sent me their results. This is better and more special each and every entry.

There is nothing bad about getting a chart and not sending me an image or even tossing it in the closet. Those are fine if that’s what you do.

Anyways this is Carol Scallion’s stitching and if you search out this gallery, you will find that this is her second project with me. I’m so very proud to be able to share her project with you. It turned out just so amazing. I wish I could meet all the pets that I get to chart up.

This was so dark I was worried when I charted it and I wanted the eyes to glow, I’m pretty sure I left some colors with only 3 or 4 stitches. They were the brightest colors, and I just wanted those eyes to be seen. She stitched this piece brilliantly and I’m so happy she shared these amazing results with me and with all of you.

Carol Scallion's Cat Finish

We LOVE our stitchers!

Here is a small sample of additional projects that have been done by the great stitchers of Advanced Cross Stitch.
May 19, 2024
Siamese Cat by Rommani Jory

Look at this one, her stitching is so precise. This was completed so fast too. It’s like she has a magical needle and thread! Thank you so much for sharing.

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May 10, 2024
Sunset by Angela McLaurin

There are some charts that I make that I think… oh stitching all that grass would be torture or stitching all that sky would be torture. In all honesty, I rarely get to see those charts ever again. The ideal though and the best really is when I get a finish back that wasn’t the […]

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May 9, 2024
Sunset by Michele Saegesser

Sunset Custom Chart Stitched

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April 30, 2024
Pillow by Brenda George

The incredible stitching of Brenda George. Here is the vintage fish done with a blue background. It turned out just like I had imagined it… so glad she did this one. I do so very much love it. Here is the chart, if you would like to do this one. The pillow though is the […]

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March 24, 2024
Sydney Cityscape Custom Project

Here is the stunning stitching of Alyson Evans with her 3rd completion in this gallery. It’s so beautifully done and just perfect. I’m so happy that I get to play the tiniest role in these amazing pieces being stitched. It’s really stitchers that make them come to life and this one is amazing.

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February 3, 2024
Hot Rod Stitched

This chart is one of my favorites. If you are interested in this chart it is located here: This chart only has the colors stitched. The black portion is the fabric showing. It’s a fun piece to stitch.

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