Karen Nazarewych History

I’m just going to use Karen’s words for this one. I’m using her words from September here when she sent in this sort of hard to work with image. (Honestly when I saw it, I panicked for a moment because I didn’t want to mess this one up. Some of the pictures I get the privilege of working with are that special. This is one of them.) It’s Sephia colored and it was quite blurry. It was a little on the small side as well.

“This is the only baby photo of my husband. He was first generation baby after parents fled from Ukraine to US at the end of Hitler’s control and after his parents were in a German labor camp.”

So that is the picture… it’s the one and only.

Here are the results.

stitched piece web

So amazing, right?

I continue with the rest of Karen’s words because they are incredible.

“Hi, Just picked up this one.  I wanted a frame that looked somewhat aged. 

He is the 1st generation American Ukraine in their family.  A bit of history. 

Nazz made the stain glass Ukranian flag. 

Stained Glass Web

The Ukrainian dishes were his mother’s. We have a bowl with the Nazi swastika, which we will never use, and a serving spoon ‘US’ etched in it from when the US freed them.  

Ukrainian Dishes

His parents, as young adults  were captured during Hitler’s invasion. They were forced to work in a labor camp. They were one of the “lucky” ones who weren’t killed. 

A German General saved her from being raped by other officers. His mother was protected and became the cook for the General at the labor camp. This same man’s wife shared her wedding dress so Nazz’s parents could marry during the war.

They eventually made it to Ellis Island,  NY. 

We are glad they aren’t alive to witness Putin’s terror.”

So there is the history isn’t it incredible memories to share… isn’t this an amazing piece? I know I’m loving it.

stitched piece web
stitched piece web

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