Animal Parade Hedgehog Cross Stitch Chart

This hedgehog is the perfect piece for a nursery but mature enough to grow with the child. You’ll love it. This one is particularly great for the baby that will be born in the Christmas holiday. I know my 5-year-old daughter associates everything Christmas with her birthday. It’s like her own personal celebration. The original artwork is by Tanya Schuka.

This chart contains 40 colors and is 130×190 stitches.

The animal parade series is being charted so you can stitch multiple animals and they will all coordinate with each other size wise, so you can stitch them side by side and they will look size proportionate.

Hedgehog Cross Stitch Chart


© Tanya Schuka. All Rights Reserved.


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Kit Components You May Need

Large Aida / Cloth Upgrade

Aida Upgrade

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