Ayrshire Advertisement Cow Cross Stitch Chart

When you license the art from the Saturday Evening Post, you get access to this great online database of basically every magazine. So, I like the magazines and I can flip through them for hours without noticing time has passed. Now, I look at all the images with fresh eyes, mesmerized by the artwork and knowing I can get a full high resolution look at that art. It’s a privilege worth the entire licensing fee that I didn’t know I would feel when I signed the contract.

Well, wouldn’t you know I pick an image out of the October 23, 1948 magazine that was not pulled from the archive yet? This is an Ayrshire Cow from an advertisement that it drew me to. I love cows. I used to show brown swiss when I was a kid, and this is exactly the type of images that I love in the Saturday Evening Post, not just the famous ones which are amazing, but the ones on the ads and inside such amazing imagery. I wish they knew the artist that did this piece, but the artist is unknown and now you are one of the first to see this image again freshly pulled from the archives.

So with this chart, I removed the sky. It was real faded and of course cartoonish. I would not have stitched well. That means someone should stitch this chart on some fabric with color, that imitates a sky. It doesn’t have to be blue, but authentically there would be the color. The chart is 189×148 stitches in size and contains 65 colors.

Ayrshire Cross Stitch Chart

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