Cancer Dark Fabric Cross Stitch Design

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This is Cancer was designed to be stitched on navy blue or dark colored fabric. You can use Aida or an Evenweave to allow the design to show properly. Honestly, I love charting these types of projects. They are fun to see and enjoy the different results.

The total design size is 259×255 stitches. This piece contains 65 colors. This will be hard to stitch because there are areas where one little stitch is just floating around. I removed some, but I feel like they add to this piece because it”s stars and light spray. It adds to the magic basically.

cancer on black web

Here is what this design will look like on navy blue.

cancer on white mockup web
cancer on white mockup web

Here is the actual stitched area.

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Kit Components You May Need

Large Aida / Cloth Upgrade

Aida Upgrade

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