Winter Carriage Ride Cross Stitch

Winter Carriage Ride

Winter Carriage Ride

This is an interesting piece, it’s taken a night on a cold day. You can see the exhale of the horses as they walk. The lights from the side lantern give a glow of yellow to the surrounding brick and cobblestone. The details and lack of detail in places is amazing. This will be a piece that you cherish forever when you complete it.

The pattern is 450×300 stitches and contains 104 colors. It’s not for those looking for super easy, however it will be very rewarding and it’s really quite nice of a chart to follow. The murky black sky with shades of blue and purple in the background will give you that eerie feel while you stitch, but mostly the colors are easy to relate with and you’ll love your progress.

The original image is from Gerhard Gellinger from Nürnberg, Deutschland.

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Winter Carriage Floss Upgrade Pack

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Winter Carriage Ride Floss Upgrade Pack

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Large Aida / Cloth Upgrade

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