Chicodee Farm Cross Stitch Pattern

You know Deb Harvey paints the cutest things. Her whimsy and artist talent is amazing. I look at a canvas and see just that a canvas unless I have my needle out and specific instructions. (I’m better at a computer.) However, these pieces are amazing. This is Chicodee Farm. This little jersey cow, maybe not jersey that is my best farm girl guess though.

This piece is 200×206 stitches and contains exactly 75 colors. There are more than 100 stitches of each color, so you won’t have those straggling stitches where you have just a few and you never see the color again. I think most stitchers with just beyond basic skills will find this chart easy to read and follow. It’s all full cross stitch, so there is an automatic level of ease with just that fact.

Chicodee Farm Cross Stitch Chart Mockup
Chicodee Farm

You can find more with Deb Harvey and purchase painted prints. Original Artwork by Deb Harvey.

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