West Coast Log Truck Cross Stitch

People keep telling me I have to be more personal so others can relate to the “why” of Advanced Cross Stitch. I just want the chart quality to speak for itself, but here is a personal image. My husband is a forester, so with all the Curtis images. I requested any that related to logs and logging. Out of 5,000+ images, this is the only one they had related to logging. There is another one with a log floating in a river. (Might chart that next.)

This is an older style log truck, probably on the West Coast where softwoods are harvested.

I love this chart, but opted to stitch one of the more famous pieces, primarily because we’re in Virginia and my husband is a hardwood forester. This truck is basically completely different than ones that would have seen working on the east coasts and with hardwoods.

This original artwork is by Woodi Ishmael.

The chart is 319×400 stitches and contains 99 colors. There is a small segment of sky removed on top left because it was a very pale sky in the original artwork.

Log Truck Mockup

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