Octolady – Large Green Dreadlocks on Beautiful Lady with Heavy Makeup

This piece is brilliant, really. I would love to see it stitched on a mantle, a true showpiece. She’s amazing, so artistic. A beautiful lady with thick octopus-like tentacles or large dread locked hair with a bright orange background.  This is the amazing artwork of Chris Chamberlain.

The piece is 350 x 475 stitches. If you stitch it on 18 count fabric (you can use any size you would like), but if you used 18 count, she would be 19.44 inches by 26.39 inches in size. She’s got 137 colors. Don’t let that intimidate you, though. This chart is easy to follow and will be a lot of fun to work on.

This month they released me as fully compatible with Pattern Keeper software, so if you use that service. You shouldn’t have any trouble. (You shouldn’t have any trouble with any of my charts. I’ve been compatible with the entire time, it was just made official though.)

Octolady Cross Stitch Chart

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