Night Sky on Black Cross Stitch Chart

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Here is the night sky. The stitched area is 278×81 stitches in size, but there is quite a lot of area that has no stitching within that. There are 40 thread colors in this and each color uses less than a full skein.

What do you think about when you see an aircraft flying into the most beautiful sunset? This cross stitch project displayed in your home can renew that feeling each day.

The original artwork is by Gerhard Gellinger. He is an amazing photographer that allows even commercial options to use his images. This image is very different from this chart though extreme editing was done in order to create the chart without the sky background. In the original image there is also a tree line below which is pretty amazing, but wouldn’t work for the chart.

Here is what the stitching looks like.

Night Sky

Night Sky Stitching


Here is a better look at what it will look like when the dark fabric is used.


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