Lady in Bikini Cross Stitch Chart

It’s been a while since I post some of the amazing artwork of Christopher Chamberlain but let me tell you Christopher is one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever met. He’s helped me with numerous custom projects as well as submitting his artwork for charting. This is an older original piece of his, but it charted brilliantly.

The color fit so well with-it being Pride Month too.

This is just simply Lady in Bikini, I’m not very creative.

The chart is 139×200 stitches and 99 colors. (So not super huge.) It will be very fun to stitch, and very forgiving. If you have a stitch off in that colorful background, just keep going, nobody will notice.

Lady in Bikini

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Kit Components You May Need

Large Aida / Cloth Upgrade

Aida Upgrade

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Lady in Bikini Floss Package


Lady in Bikini Floss Pack

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