Ganesh (Hindu God of Beginnings) Cross Stitch Chart

This is a great piece. I don’t know a lot about Ganesh as I’m not Hindi, but the image is amazing. The details turned out perfect with just enough details. This chart is 263×360 stitches, so substantial. It contains 146 colors also substantial. That said, I think this will be a really fun chart to stitch. There are patches of same colors, so it’s not as confetti ridden as you would think. It will make sense and should be an easy to follow chart even for a beginner.

Ganesh Cross Stitch Chart

If you would like to know more about Ganesh, I don’t know if this is best source, but Britannica has a pretty detailed description of this god.

This original artwork was created by Sophia Shultz.

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Large Aida / Cloth Upgrade

Aida Upgrade

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