Field Mouse – Small Cross Stitch Project

I’ve been working with this image for months trying to get it to work out in a way to display the whole thing, but it’s got so much details that it’s hard to get them in a piece that isn’t huge. This is my version from frustration, but it’s so darn cute. The image is cows in a field with a big blue sky and geese shaking off their feathers in a creek. Well this here is nothing like that. This is the bottom right hand corner where the mice are and you can just see the details in this piece by the small sample and the intricate artwork.

This piece was drawn by a staff artist at “The Saturday Evening Post”. It wasn’t a cover or a famous piece but it is magnificent.

This piece is on the small size at 90 x 90 stitches and it has 70 colors.

Field Mouse Design

©SEPS. Licensed by Curtis Licensing. All Rights Reserved.

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