Easy Turtle Cross Stitch Pattern

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Easy Turtle
This little turtle is 84×92 stitches and only has 5 colors. It should be a fairly easy pattern to do nice and quick.

Stitched Easy Turtle

Stitched Version of Easy Turtle

I’ve stitched this pattern on a t-shirt for my son. There are mistakes in my stitching… those are not the patterns fault. The neck is two stitches too long and the tail should be filled in. I also didn’t count right at a place in the shell. I just left it and worked around it. So… don’t compare too closely. I also didn’t stitch the black in the pattern because it was a black shirt and I made some of the black stitches white… here is the image of it stitched though.


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Large Aida / Cloth Upgrade

Aida Upgrade

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