Doe and Fawn in Forest Cross Stitch Chart

Doe and Fawn in Forest is absolutely brilliant artwork here. The original artwork was the cover of The Saturday Evening Post on June 1, 1940. The artist was Paul Branson.

It absolutely looks like it could be from Disney “Bambi” which released August 21, 1942. It would be awesome if this image were the actual inspiration for the whole thing, but I don’t know if it was.

This chart is 240×200 stitches and it contains 115 colors. It will be so fun to stitch though and if you choose to use Pattern Keeper. It will move right along.

Doe with Fawn Mockup

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Kit Components You May Need

Doe and Fawn Floss Package


Opossum Floss Package

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Large Aida / Cloth Upgrade

Aida Upgrade

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