Dino Cheer Demon Floss Pack Upgrade

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Our floss packs here at Advanced Cross Stitch aren’t exactly like what you receive for a “kit”.

You will receive all the floss needed for your a Dino Cheer Demon project (similar to kits), but you will only receive full skeins. That means if there is 8 stitches of that color, you will get a full skein of floss and when your done have almost a full skein left. You aren’t getting a tiny strand of thread representing that color.

You will also get the multiple skeins needed if there is a lot of one color. There are a few different colors that have multiple skeins in this kit. You won’t use all of it, but we are going on the safe side with each color. You will definitely have enough thread though with these floss upgrades and you’ll have some to keep for your next projects as well.

This pack includes 89 skeins of floss.

Our floss is premium DMC floss. These are premium threads with no seconds or lesser quality pieces like you will sometimes find in mass merchant stores.

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Kit Components You May Need

Dino Cheer Demon Cross Stitch Pattern

Original Artwork by Susanne van Schaik.

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