Cowboy Dreams of Long Ago Classical Art Cross Stitch

It’s such a great pleasure to get to work with the originals of these amazing art pieces. I don’t know if they will extend my licensing because I don’t have a ton of sales and honestly, I don’t know if I’ll sell enough to even cover my investment. I don’t for a second regret purchasing this license though. I get to see these paintings at full resolution, and they are 10K time more vivid than my imagination.

Here is Norman Rockwell’s Dreams of Long ago. This was published on August 13, 1927.

This chart came out amazing, but I did remove all the white, so you will want to stitch this on white fabric perfectly white… you can see the center of the cards on the floor are just fabric in their center. If you choose a different color, you’ll want to visually fill in areas that need that white. This chart has 99 colors and is 284×349 stitches.

Dreaming Cowboy

©SEPS. Licensed by Curtis Licensing. All Rights Reserved.

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