Boy on High Dive Cross Stitch Chart

Here is another Norman Rockwell – The Saturday Evening Post piece. This one was my son’s favorite. It’s called “Boy on High Dive” or “Second Thoughts”. I don’t think it was told what happens next here. I know I would have jumped.

This chart has the blue sky removed, so you would want to stitch this one some beautiful sky colored fabric. I left the dimensions of the original painting authentic, so there is quite a bit of space at the top and right that isn’t stitched at all. There are full blank pages within the chart because of this. That isn’t typically what I would have done after charting this, but it’s such a famous piece. I thought you could mark the true edge and frame it accurately. So with that in mind, this piece is 270 x 366 stitches. It contains 75 colors.

Boy on High Dive

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