Skull on Black Cross Stitch Chart

It’s no lie. I love skulls. They are one of my favorite things to stitch and chart and although it’s the 4th of July today. I’m working on charting skull for Halloween (my favorite holiday). This chart is on small side 85×131 stitches which break down to about 4.72×7.28 inches if you stitch on 18 count fabric. I recommend leaving a little more fabric on the backside of the skull to appear that the whole skull is in the picture. This chart contains 41 colors of thread. I’m super excited about seeing this piece created for real. I love these on black designs they are some of my favorites to create.

Original photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

This first image shows what chart will look like with black fabric behind it.

Skull on Black

This second image shows more of what the stitching will look like. The background is removed from this chart, so this view shows more of just the stitching.


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Kit Components You May Need

Medium Floss Pack Upgrade


DMC Floss Pack

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Large Aida / Cloth Upgrade

Aida Upgrade

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