Niece by Jamie Butler (Custom Chart)

If you read every post in this column, you’ll know that I say the same thing in each one. It’s my favorite day when I get to see a completed project. The posts are months apart, so it’s no joke. Each one happens on my new favorite day. This wonderful stitching is from Jamie Butler.

Here read this letter too.

Hello Jennifer, 

I have attached a photo of the completed cross-stitch of my niece.  I am speechless to describe the beauty your charts.

I will be sending you more photos shortly. 

Thank you so very much! Wishing You a Blessed Day! 

So, you see these are my favorite days, but I get to share these brilliant finishes with stitchers. It’s so awesome.

Anyways… give this stitching a look. I’m sure you will be as impressed as I am. She’s GOOD!

my niece completed web
Jo Buttler’s brilliant stitching

If you are interested in a custom chart of your niece or anything else, visit the custom chart page. You can stitch any photo you’ve taken.

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