Niece by Jamie Butler (Custom Chart)

If you read every post in this column, you’ll know that I say the same thing in each one. It’s my favorite day when I get to see a completed project. The posts are months apart, so it’s no joke. Each one happens on my new favorite day. This wonderful stitching is from Jamie Butler.

Here read this letter too.

Hello Jennifer, 

I have attached a photo of the completed cross-stitch of my niece.  I am speechless to describe the beauty your charts.

I will be sending you more photos shortly. 

Thank you so very much! Wishing You a Blessed Day! 

So, you see these are my favorite days, but I get to share these brilliant finishes with stitchers. It’s so awesome.

Anyways… give this stitching a look. I’m sure you will be as impressed as I am. She’s GOOD!

my niece completed web
Jo Buttler’s brilliant stitching

If you are interested in a custom chart of your niece or anything else, visit the custom chart page. You can stitch any photo you’ve taken.


We LOVE our stitchers!

Here is a small sample of additional projects that have been done by the great stitchers of Advanced Cross Stitch.
May 30, 2023
Always On My Mind – Susan Schober

Here is one that turned out marvelously. It was a request by Susan originally so created for her and her stitching of it is really amazing, what a great piece. In creating the chart though, I licensed the butterfly artwork, so this chart is available to anyone. It’s here.

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May 22, 2023
Kaleb by Renee Sholly

Renee has gotten 5 custom charts from me. This one has been by far the hardest one to chart. The original image was fairly aged, so getting it just so was sort of tricky. I will admit I hesitated with the quality, but it was a special image and an even more special boy… so […]

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May 22, 2023
Karen Fenton’s Grandchildren

Here is a custom chart stitched by Karen Fenton. It’s her grandchildren. It’s a pretty special piece and I’m so happy to have played a small roll in it’s creation.

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April 21, 2023
Dakota Barn by Candy Dieser

This one is a doosy… if you have ever gotten a custom chart from me. You will know that I use the ABCs when I’m charting for versions. Most folks end up purchasing versions A through D maybe…. I rarely go higher than that. I don’t show all the version all the time either, so […]

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April 21, 2023
Starry Night

Everyone loves Starry Night, it’s one of the most famous paintings ever. Here is the Advanced Cross Stitch version stitched by the amazingly talented Kim Brown. The Starry Night chart is available here if you would like to stitch this version of it.

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February 1, 2023
Roosevelt Custom Piece

So, I’ve returned to college after 20 years of being out, and it’s taking me a lot to do math again. Well, Mary emailed me the finish of Roosevelt which I’ve been anticipating for a long while, she’s a brilliant stitcher like so many of you all. I think I scanned Roosevelt and then did […]

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