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Advanced Cross Stitch now has a  collection of over 450 cross stitch patterns / charts that are only here. There are many from artists whom have allowed me exclusive use of their artwork. Please take your time and look around. As firm believer in copyright, all images are properly licensed with the original artist given full credit.

If you have any questions, or are looking for something special. Please ask. I would love to hear requests for new pieces and be of assistance any way that I can.

Here are the 30 most recent cross stitch designs.

Rooster on Roof Cross Stitch

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Custom Home Design Cross Stitch

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Architectural Coloring Book Cross Stitch Chart

Yellow Browed Bulbul Cross Stitch Pattern

Friends May Puppy Cross Stitch Chart

Sheep Herder Cross Stitch Chart

Friends May Cross Stitch Chart

This chart tell it all. We are totally on the same side. This project is 258 x 84 stitches. Inner Demons

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Pewter Ladle Cross Stitch Chart

Happiness Quote

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White Throated Kingfisher Cross Stitch

Malabar Whistling Thrush Cross Stitch

Rabbit Cross Stitch Chart

Teapot Cross Stitch Design

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Long Romantic Walks

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Girl in Chair Cross Stitch Chart

Ship with Tugboat Cross Stitch Pattern

Bird Splash of Paint Cross Stitch Pattern

Love Cross Stitch

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Cat Playing the Trumbone Cross Stitch Pattern

Elephant Spraying Cross Stitch Design