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Advanced Cross Stitch now has a  collection of over 450 cross stitch patterns / charts that are only here. There are many from artists whom have allowed me exclusive use of their artwork. Please take your time and look around. As firm believer in copyright, all images are properly licensed with the original artist given full credit.

If you have any questions, or are looking for something special. Please ask. I would love to hear requests for new pieces and be of assistance any way that I can.

Here are the 30 most recent cross stitch designs.

Dog Cross Stitch

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Turk's Cap Lily Cross Stitch Chart

Pelican Cross Stitch Chart

Helicopter Without Background Cross Stitch Chart

Flamingo Chart

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The world don't need another hero. This is most of a Dracula quote. I shortened it to make it fit nicely. The smile is supposed to…

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It's no lie. I love skulls. They are one of my favorite things to stitch and chart and although it's the 4th of July today. I'm working on charting skull…

Winter Moose Cross Stitch

No Selfies Allowed Cross Stitch

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Fury Dog Pattern

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Monsters Cross Stitch

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Small Boxer Dog Chart

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Do Not Stand at Grave and Weep Backstitched Words

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Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

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I will handwrite a letter with whatever you would like it to say. You have to give me a few paragraphs of content what you want it to say. I…

Pumpkin Dark Fabric Cross Stitch Pattern

Blue Bonnets Cross Stitch Chart

George Washington Cross Stitch

I've been in the mood to create with words here lately. Here is an inspiring chart. Don't worry about counting too close, the confetti is random. This piece is 159x71…

Anything is Possible Cross Stitch Chart

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Eyes of Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

Roses of Color Cross Stitch Chart