Spitfire Long Horned Hairy Cow Cross Stitch

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This one right here came through the charting process just brilliantly. I usually edit more than you would believe, but there isn’t much editing on this one. The eyes, the blade of grass, the fade in the background – they all shine through on this piece and it’s under 400 stitches wide. I really try hard to keep my charts under 400 wide because I don’t want you stitching for 10 years on a piece. Anyway, this one is just brilliant.

It’s also the first one I’ve charted from the amazing Lisa Sparling whose art I just recently licensed. You will definitely be seeing more of her stuff.

This chart is 338 x 350 stitches and contains 90 colors.

Long Horn Cow Cross Stitch

© Lisa Sparling compliments of Suzan Lind Art Licensing and Design LLC.

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