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This is a printed chart upgrade. You need to also purchase the chart download when you purchase this. The upgrade covers the cost of printing only.

There are two options under this, to have the black and white version printed or the full-color version printed. Please select your preference. I’m keeping my costs as low as possible, so there are two prices here because printing costs are so different.

We don’t print the chart with an inkjet home printer. We print them on a professional grade color laser printer. I will have the chart professionally printed for you to work with. You will also still receive the downloaded version, so you can use the version mailed as a working copy and still have a backup in case something goes wrong.

Here is an example of what they will look like. A plastic report cover or folder (for larger patterns) is included, but are just used to keep them neat. We do not intend them to hold the pattern while it’s being used.

You’ll want to take the pattern out of this while you’re stitching it. We do not set the margins up for use with any book or binding. Plus, I suspect most stitcher’s mark their pattern in some manner.

We add shipping to this, based on your address at checkout.

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Printed Patterns
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