Lily with Swallowtail Butterfly Cross Stitch Chart

I actually designed this chart to stitch myself for my grandmother. I’m already a page into working on it. I love it…. it is 250×250 stitches in size and has 70 colors. There really isn’t too much confetti type stitches. There are a lot of patches of the same color. It’s a very easy chart to stitch.

This is the swallowtail butterfly as well which is fairly common. It’s perched on an orange lily. The colors are so bright and pretty. It’s way better than the sample. The samples are all a little duller due to the grid lines being sort of on them.

Anyways… here is Butterfly Lily chart.

Butterfly Lily
Butterfly Lily

Original image from Pixabay.

Here is this project once it was completed.

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