Copyright Agreement

This is the copyright agreement for Advanced Cross Stitch artists. It is intended to protect both the artist and our site.

My name is _______________________________(artist) and I am the true and authentic copyright owner of the artwork that was sent to Jennifer Beam of Advanced Cross Stitch.

I am authorizing her to convert my artwork into patterns to be sold on her website Advanced Cross Stitch. I am granting her exclusive pattern rights to this effort and understand I can use my artwork for any other purpose, but nobody else will be working with it to make needlepoint or cross stitch patterns.

I understand that this permission is nonrevokable. Should I want to revoke these permissions I will be responsible for the costs associated with the conversion to patterns which is $50 per pattern made.

In return for the pattern rights to my artwork, I will receive a minimum of 30 percent commission paid via Paypal for the sale of each pattern containing my artwork. Jennifer will also not use the original artwork for any purpose other than patterns.

I also understand that on occasion patterns are given away as a promotion for the site. I agree that artwork that I have submitted may be selected for these promotional events.

I also understand that I am responsible for any tax obligations due because of these commission payments.

The paypal address which I can receive this payment is ______________________________________.

Thank you, signed and dated.