War Hog stitched by Jan Sietsema

The war hog artwork by Joe Shawcross. I created this chart in 2014, so it’s been awhile. These projects take a long time to complete. Today though, is the day that we can reveal the stitched version.

The amazing stitcher Jan Sietsema was so nervous about starting out. She had never done a project this big. I think she asked my 4 follow-up questions to buying the chart which made her memorable; she was nervous. Her nerves subsided though after starting, and I haven’t heard a word from her in over a year. She’s been busy.

Here is the resulting final stitched project. (It shows you exactly how accurate the mockups are… if you are questioning those.) There is a little reflection on the glass, but isn’t this just fabulous?

stitched web
War Hog by Joe Shawcross stitched by Jan Sietsema

If you are interested in stitching the War Hog, the chart is still available.

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