Candy Dieser – Custom Sunset Completion

There is nothing I love more than seeing some charts that I created come to completion. It truly improves my day when I see these wonderful projects come all the way full circle.

This is one of those projects that is beyond my expectation of results. The hardest accomplishment in creating cross stitch charts is creating a sky that doesn’t look all blotchy. Color fades are complex. You don’t want it to fade too fast or too slow, and some stitchers don’t want to have confetti areas in there and so each piece with a sky has its complexities. For this piece the sky was upmost important and so beautiful. Anyways… look at this beauty. It might just make your day better.

It’s hard to believe this can get better, but I’m also going to share this. Candy is going to continue stitching beautiful skies. I just created her next project, so you can see what she’s working on now.

I’m so excited… I can’t wait to see this one as well, so my day is completely made today. You can’t wipe the smile off my face today.


We LOVE our stitchers!

Here is a small sample of additional projects that have been done by the great stitchers of Advanced Cross Stitch.
December 3, 2022
Custom Piece by Joyce Eldredge

Here is one that we made rough around the edges. It’s on the smaller size as well. What do you think? This is the amazing stitching of Joyce Eldredge.

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October 20, 2022
Special Daughter Project

Here is one of the more special projects that I have had any part of and it couldn’t have turned out better. This is the brilliant stitching of Linda Barry and this is an image of her daughter.

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October 3, 2022
Rebecca Laurin Custom Dogs Stitch Completion

Well, here is another amazing piece finished. This one is by Rebecca Laurin, just look at the smile. That basically says it all for me.

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August 1, 2022
Blue Unicorn by Karen Nazarewych

I love this chart. I created this chart for me and it’s hanging downstairs in my daughter’s room as one of her prized possessions. It was a hard decision for me to even offer it up for sale because it is kind of a personal chart. I decided others should enjoy it though, so here […]

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June 14, 2022
Man and Dog Sleeping by Susan Schober

Here is an amazing finish and fast. This is a chart that I did for Susan in October. It’s not huge that was one of her criteria, which also made charting it complicated to create. I had to work hard to not make this man look pink (He has really quite pink skin tone.) while […]

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June 9, 2022
Maria Felix Custom Completion

Wow! Another project done. This is the stitching of Maria Felix. She wanted the headdress flowers accented with colors and the rest of image without colors. This is a fairly small piece too, so a lot of details in a small area. (These are the most difficult pieces to chart.) It turned out amazing.

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