Girls Stitched by Theresa Heuser

Theresa has been working hard on a special project for the last six months. On the left is the picture I started with and on the right is the completed cross stitch. This is her daughter on the right and her best friend on the left.

She is so sweet and thanked me for the chart. I, on the other hand, can’t be happier to see such amazing artistry as I know that the real work is in the stitching process.  She came to me asking for a chart smaller. I convinced her to go a little bigger and showed her the difference in the details. She did go with the bigger chart.  She’s such a good stitcher and so quick. I love this project. Her daughter will treasure it forever; it’s an heirloom for sure.

She stitched the girls on 18-count using DMC floss, started Apr 7th and finished it today Oct 10th.

Daughter and best friend stitched.

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