Patricia Rideout – Old Fisherman

“The Fisherman” was painted in 1920 by Harry Haerendel is copyright expired. The iconic painting ‘The Fisherman’ exists in thousands of Norwegian homes and is considered a Norwegian icon by some. Some research into the background of the painting reveals that this painting has nothing to do with Norway, though. The painter of the original work was German and the portrayed man was dutch and not a fisherman at all.

Anyway, enough about the painting. We’re about cross-stitch. Of which, I’m always blown away by the talent of amazing stitchers around the world. Patricia Rideout is a returning client who wanted this piece of artwork made into a custom chart to be presented to her son as a gift. This amazing custom chart was created and Pat did such a good job stitching. It looks like a brilliant replica.

If you would like to stitch this amazing piece, you can find it for sale here.

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